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New Performance Finish, Flak Jacket, Introduced to Radiate Customers

May 17, 2017 – The experts at Radiate Textiles have heard all the horror stories imaginable: A spilled cup of coffee or wine, the wet dog jumps on your favorite new chair, or the 4-year-old decides the new sofa is the perfect canvas to channel her inner Picasso. Because of this, Radiate Textiles announces, Flak […]

Radiate Textiles Excited to Move into Their New Home

Radiate Textiles is excited to announce they have moved into their new office located in historic South Norwalk, CT. Located at 27 Elizabeth Street, this new loft style office and studio overlooking Long Island Sound will serve as Mission Command for the company as they bring new energy and excitement into the industry through innovative […]

Radiate Textiles Proud to Announce Future Showroom

Radiate Textiles is pleased to announce they have solidified their showroom location and they are beginning renovations. The showroom, located at 305 West High Street (9th Floor) in High Point, NC, will allow our customers a convenient location to get to know our brand, our leadership team, and our line of fabrics.