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Hot Off the Loom 1

March 31, 2021: Introducing Hot Off the Loom, mini collections of our newest arrivals that we’ll be introducing every 6-8 weeks. With changing work habits, uncertainty regarding new introductions into the marketplace, and more, we’re adapting to better meet your needs. There is no better time to be innovative and forward-thinking than right now! Contact us if you’d like to receive samples of any of the fabrics shown here or check out our Visualizer if you’d like to see more colors and fabrics on frames.


May 17, 2017 – The experts at Radiate Textiles have heard all the horror stories imaginable: A spilled cup of coffee or wine, the wet dog jumps on your favorite new chair, or the 4-year-old decides the new sofa is the perfect canvas to channel her inner Picasso. Because of this, Radiate Textiles announces, Flak Jacket, their new performance finish. With Flak Jacket, there is no need to worry about daily mishaps. Fabrics treated with this performance finish eliminate the stress of everyday living by providing multiple layers of protection.

“We believe furniture should be easy to clean and look the same as it did on day one,” David Titlebaum, Owner of Radiate Textiles says, “Consumers today want quality fabrics that last, without worrying. It’s just another way we are committed to bringing innovation to our clients.”

Fabric characteristics will have an enhanced abrasion performance after the application of Flak Jacket. Other properties include soil and stain resistance, antimicrobial finishes and water repellency, all while not altering the hand of the fabric. In the case of a mishap, cleaning is effortless! Just blot liquids on the fabric surface with a paper towel, brush or vacuum any loose soil. Spot clean with upholstery shampoo or foam from a mild detergent without saturating with liquid.

“We are excited to offer Flak Jacket and can’t wait to showcase its capabilities during June Showtime in High Point, NC.,” Titlebaum said.

radiate textiles offices

Radiate Textiles is excited to announce they have moved into their new office located in historic South Norwalk, CT. Located at 27 Elizabeth Street, this new loft style office and studio overlooking Long Island Sound will serve as Mission Command for the company as they bring new energy and excitement into the industry through innovative fabric design, marketing, and distribution.

Market Square Tower

Radiate Textiles is pleased to announce they have solidified their showroom location and they are beginning renovations. The showroom, located at 305 West High Street (9th Floor) in High Point, NC, will allow our customers a convenient location to get to know our brand, our leadership team, and our line of fabrics.